SBCGlobal – General Information About SBCglobal Email And AT&T

SBCGlobal Email stands for Southwestern Bell Corp Global. It was a telecommunication company at the first time it started. Before it merged with AT&T, this company offered high-speed telephone and internet service. The users of the service will get an email with the suffix But in 2005, SBCGlobal acquired AT&T. Then, it changed its name to AT&T Inc. However, now you cannot obtain this email address. It is because you will get AT&T or Yahoo as your id.

SBCGlobal email

You have to use mail server address when you want to configure the email client. You also need this server to receive the message on the SBC Global account. For instance, you have to use Sbcglobal email to send the message using Outlook Express or MS Outlook. When you do not configure it well, the system will not send your email.

After SBCGlobal merges with AT&T, the users can check their email account with Yahoo. It is because the becomes SBC Yahoo DSL. Now, when you visit, the system will direct you to AT&T homepage. If you want to access SBCGlobal account, you should log into Now, you can access it through Yahoo. Thus, when you access SBCGlobal login, you will be led to Yahoo Mail login page. That is why you should thank the partnership between Yahoo and AT&T Internet service.

The Connection between SBCglobal, Yahoo Mail and AT&T

The relation of SBCGlobal, and Yahoo Mail looks very intricate. But, if you understand, it is quite simple. SBC is the name of the company which runs a business in the communication field. In 2005, SBC bought AT&T. Since AT&T has a well-known name, SCB was interested in rebranding its name to be AT&T.

But, there were some issues about the legacy of SBCGlobal email login. So, This company puts the existing users of SBC email on AT&T Yahoo service. This matter had happened before AT&T ended its business with Google. It led the movement of webmail address to Yahoo platform. That’s why the users of have to go to Yahoo site.

How to Access SBCGlobal Login in Quick Steps

The process of reaching SBCGlobal email login is quite easy. You only need to do these following procedures.

  • Go to Yahoo’s login site.

You can go to the Yahoo Mail login page first. Besides, you can directly go to We suggest you to use the second option. You will be able to access your SBCGlobal account soon.

  • Click on the sign in link.

You can search this link on the top right section of the screen.  This link will bring you to login page. This page is a Yahoo Mail Login Page.

  • Enter your AT&T id and password.

You will see two fields on the screen. You have to fill it with your email id. Besides, you should type the SBC Password in the second field.

  • Hit the sign in button.

To process your login, you have to click on the sign in link. Besides, you can press the enter button on your keyboard. Then, the web will take you to your SBCGlobal account.

As stated before, you need SBCGlobal login details to access your account. So, you should remember your SBC username and corresponding password. You can do many things with your SBCGlobal email account. First, you can check the message in your email inbox to see the new or old mail. Besides, you can create and send the messages. You can save it as a draft too. Not only that, you can forward the emails to other people as well. This way, you may be able to manage your task quickly.

How to Reset SBCGlobal Email Password

Everyone should enter the correct combination of user id and password when they want to access SBCGlobal email login. Even you access your account at Yahoo; you still need to use your SBCGlobal login details. But, there must be a situation in which you forgot your password. If you are trapped in this condition, you should not be panic. Forgetting a password does not mean that it blocks you from accessing your account. It is because you still have a chance to reset the SBCGlobal passcode. Then, when you have recovered your password, you will be able to configure your email account.

In another case, you may remember your SBCGlobal password. But, you want to change it for a certain reason. For instance, you may think that your current password is insecure. Because you are afraid of being hacked, you should consider changing it. You should bear it in your mind that SBCGlobal password should be integrated so you can protect your account. Below we have provided the steps of resetting email password because you forget it, or you can change it.

  • Resetting the password since you have forgot it.

When you do not remember what your password is, you should follow these steps. First, you have to visit Yahoo login site. Through this site, you will be able to log into your account at SBCGlobal. You can click on on your browser. On this webpage, you will find the sign in a link towards the top right part of the site. Then, you will find the link forgot the password. This link is located under the password field. After that, you have to do the instructions provided to reset the password.

  • Changing the email password.

In this case, you still remember what your password is. But, you want to increase its security. So, you should replace it with the new one. Here are three steps you need to follow. First, you have to visit Yahoo to log in your account. Then, you should find the sign in link. Remember, you can see this link on the homepage on the top right section. After that, log into your SBCGlobal account by typing your user id and old password.

When you have reached your account, you should find a gear icon on the right corner of the page. Then, you should click this icon. There will appear the drop-down menus. Choose the setting option. You will see a pop-up window. Next, you should click account link on the left section. When you see the link change your password, click on it. Write your old password in the provided box. The last, type the new password. You have to confirm it then. Now, your password is changed. You have to remember the new passcode or write it on a note.

How to Ask for Help when You Find Some Troubles about SBCGlobal Email

It is undeniable that you may get some troubles when you access SBCGlobal. In this situation, the best thing you can do is contacting the email support of AT&T. In AT&T support site, you will find out the appropriate email setting. You can search the information not only for SCBGLobal but also other domains under AT&T.

Even you change your SBCGlobal account to Yahoo mail; you may face some issues to access it. This case often occurs to the people who have the old email account of SBCGlobal. If you canceled the service of AT&T, you might notice some problems. It will be the main issue that the people face when they log into account of SBCGlobal. That is why the people may get frustrated. It is because they can lose the access to the email service.

Signing into your SBCGlobal email is the only way to prove that you do not have any challenge. It helps you to know whether you have login problem or not. You have to start it by visiting login web page. As usual, you have to enter your SBCGlobal login details. If everything runs well, you will be able to reach SBCGlobal email. But, if there are some troubles, you will get an error message. Besides, you will not be able to access your account.

If your login problem is related to the password, you still can recover it. Besides, you can reset your password as well. To solve it, you will need to answer the security questions. There is a clear instruction to reset your lost password. What you need then is providing certain details to confirm your account.

Sometimes, people still face a difficulty when they want to open their email account. Even they have entered the correct and valid login details; they still cannot open their personal reason. It is because the system suspends their email account. If this issue occurs to you, you will get an alert that SBCGlobal blocks your email. The web will suggest you to create the new email at Yahoo. You can transfer your information which you save in to your new account. All people do not want to lose the access to the email account. So, it is crucial to learn what you should do to avoid login problem.

When you can log into your email at Scbglobal account via Yahoo mail login page, it is because you do not cancel AT&T service. Then, when you cancel the DSL internet service, you will lose your SBCGlobal email. Besides, when you stop paying the monthly cost, logging into your SBCGlobal email account will be impossible. Especially, you do not unmerge your old email account at SBC from AT&T service. So, we suggest you unmerge your email first before you cancel using DSL service. If you do this tip, you will not face any troubles when you access your account of SBCGlobal email. Your SBC email will be accessible through Yahoo mail login portal.

How to Configure the SBCGlobal Email Setting

It is vital to learn the email setting to use the service effectively. Indeed many people are attracted to explore SCBGlobal email setting when they access that site. In fact, SBCglobal is just one of domain provided by AT&T. The other email domains owned by AT&T are,,, and When you go through the email setting, you need to know two types of setting. The first is POP Server/Port. Besides, the second is SMTP Server/Port Setting. Here, we try to explain the applicable setting for the email server.

  • The domain of the SBCglobal email server is
  • The setting for the POP server or port is 995 here means as the port.
  • You should configure the setting for the SMTP server or port. It is on the The number 465 will be the port.
  • The format of the user id or the username is

The email of does not need SSL. For your info, all email domains offered by AT&T do not require SSL. So, you should not worry since it is not just SBCGlobal which does not need SSL. Besides, the most applicable protocol for the Sbcglobal email is POP3. Learning how to set your email server is useful. You might need it when you want to configure your email program. Besides, it is also beneficial when you want to verify the email account.

You have to notice that the setting we have explained above is for the email server. In contrast, you cannot use that setting if you use email clients for instance Mac OSX Mail or MS Outlook. If you use these email clients, you will need different steps to set up your account. There is a specific procedure as well when you want to verify your account.

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